Kingdom Fest 2019 June 21-22 Victory Fellowship Metairie, LA

Theme:  ‘Identity‘ for both Friday night and Saturday morning! AND, by popular demand, we are bringing BACK MIRROR MIRROR.

You may remember, that for 10 years, we conducted what we called Mirror Mirror Conferences for teenage girls and young adults. These conferences helped girls with everything from having a healthy self-esteem, to helping with eating disorders, uprooting rejection, etc. But, 3 years ago, we changed the name of the conference from Mirror Mirror to Kingdom Fest in order to accommodate both men and women of all ages.

As I continue to do meetings however, it has come to my attention that it is vitally important to bring MM back (include it as a part of KF), and address many of the issues that our young people are facing today. As a result, our son, Mike Jr. (30) and our daughter, Hannah Rose Marie (28) will join me for this year’s KF Event.    Amazing Worship Leader from Gateway Church in Dallas, Texas, Phil King will be our special Worship Guest.

I will share on Friday night and then we will all be sharing on Saturday morning.

After a time of teaching and ministering on Saturday morning, we will be in the sanctuary of Victory Fellowship, and conduct a PANEL DISCUSSION to address MUCH of today’s concerns. Phil King, Mike, and Hannah, along with others will be on the panel.  I will moderate the discussions.

Kingdom Fest 2019 Identity


New DVD! For Such A Time As This

Kingdom Fest 2018 DVD

In this DVD, Anna highlights 3 things that Esther had to do in order to fulfill her Divine Destiny.  These 3 things are areas that each of us must also do!  Then, take time to reflect on the line/challenge in the DVD where Anna declares, “Lord, it’s my TIME to ______________(fill in the blank!).

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